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In my Father's House....
     Many years ago, Reverend L.V. Winsey  under the guidance and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit was given a vision and a mission to continue the leadership of saving souls at the First Baptist Church of Richmond Park. Rev. Winsey was right man for the job!   God’s continued blessings have been upon the First Baptist Church since its inception over 100 years ago.

     In January 1997 our membership voted to have the pastoral leadership of First Baptist Church of Richmond Park  placed into the capable hands of Reverend William Davis, Sr.  He is still on the job and continues to preach and teach God's uncompromised Word today!   In 1998 he welcome Women into FBC Ministry and was the first Pastor in the Baton Rouge area to have an Easter program entitled "The Last 7 Sayings from the Cross" where all the speakers were women.

    Pastor Davis is a member of the Emmanuel Baptist Church Aid Association where he served as the President of the District Brotherhood for 25 years.  He was later elected 2nd Vice President where he served under the leadership of the late Dr. Excell Payne.  Pastor Davis is also a member of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention, Inc.  Rev. S.C. Tolbert, Jr., President. 



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