First Baptist Church of Richmond Park
Reverend  William Davis, Sr., Pastor


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We seek to love God and worship Him with all of our hearts, to walk in integrity and godliness, to teach the Word of God with balance and depth, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ enthusiastically and lovingly with our city and our world, and to build a community of mature, joyful believers who will be empowered to fulfill their God-ordained purpose and ministry.  


  • To keep Jesus Christ at the center of our personal lives and of everything that we do as servants of God  
  • To honor the Holy Spirit and allow Him freedom in our gatherings and in our personal lives to produce change and Christ-likeness


  • To love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love people


  • To make an impact on the people of the entire Baton Rouge metropolitan area
  • To share the love and saving power of Jesus uncompromisingly yet with relevance to the hearts of the hearers
  • To assist and encourage each one to discover and accomplish the purpose for which he or she was created


  • To worship God with reverence, humility, and joy, drawing close to Him and allowing His presence to fill us and to change us


  • To recognize that prayer is of utmost importance to establish and strengthen our relationship with God and to see His will be done in our midst; to pray fervently and frequently. 

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